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Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q. How can I contact the owner.
A. The owners Kevin and Joanne can be contacted by email or by mobile phone +44 7860 710617

Q. How close is the nearest supermarket.
A. There is a tourist supermarket about 10 minutes walk away but this is expensive and poorly stocked. The best supermarket is 20 minutes walk away ( 5 minutes by car) and they offer a drop you home and delivery service. Both walks are virtually flat but the most direct route to the main supermarket does involve walking along a road side but there is a section through banana plantations and orange groves.

Q. How close are the nearest bars/restaurants.
A. Although a little inconsistent, there are 4-5 restaurants/bars with 5 to 10 minutes walk. The Coral Bay strip which has a multitude of restaurants and bars is a pleasant 20 minutes walk along the beach road. The walk to the closest bars/restaurants is virtually flat, the walk to Coral Bay strip has a gentle incline at the end.

Q. How close is the nearest beach.
A. The main Coral Bay beach is a 15 minute walk. The smaller Corailla beach is a 10 minute walk. Both walks are virtually flat and suitable for small children and push chairs.

Q. Can we book for any days of the week.
A. Normal changeover days for the Paphos region are traditionally Wednesday and Saturday and these are the days that we try to use for Lemon Grove Villa bookings. We appreciate that some airlines now fly other days but this can create ‘dead days’ in our calendar which we obviously try to avoid so we normally request that our clients fly Wednesdays or Saturdays if at all possible.

Q. Do you provide a welcome pack.
A. A basic welcome pack is included with your booking. Contents are subject to change but a typical 4 person and over pack would include :-

  • Large Loaf
  • Large Milk
  • Small tub Margarine
  • Marmalade
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Cereals
  • Tea Bags
  • Coffee
  • Sugar Sachets
  • Carton of Orange Juice
  • Bottle of Mineral Water

Q. Do we need a car.
A. If you are staying for a week then probably not as the beaches and bars/restaurants are all within walking distance. For longer stays, a car will allow you to explore the Akamas Peninsula, Troodos mountains and the delights of the blue lagoon and Latchi Harbour. Hiring a car locally mid stay may be more cost effective than one from the airport but don’t forget to factor the airport transfer cost into your calculation.

Q. Do we need to pay for air conditioning.
A. No, as of 2022 air conditioning is included in your booking fee. The units are on timers and will be available in all of the booked bedrooms and the lounge. Please note that the unit in the kitchen is not used.

Q. What should we do if we find something broken or damaged.
A. If you find something damaged or you accidentally damage something, please point it out to the agent immediately. Unfortunately you will be charged if there is any damage discovered after you leave the villa which was not present before you arrived.

Q. When do we get back our damage deposit.
A. We will receive a report when you leave the villa (where practical, the agent will meet you before you leave). If you have paid a damage deposit directly then we will endeavour to return the damage deposit to you within 5 working days from receiving your requested bank account details. If you booked through an agent then they may have reserved the right to deduct a damage deposit, in which case if there is no damage then nothing will be deducted.

Q. Are there still any Covid restrictions?
A. No. As of 2022 there were no restrictions in place however you should check the current situation before traveling..

Q. Do you arrange transfers to the villa?
A. No, not normally as although not needed at the villa, most guests hire a car and pick it up and drop it off at the airport. However, should you need a transfer then please contact our agent and they will normally be able to secure a better price than that offered by taxis at the airport. Should you use an airport taxi then it is best to agree a price in advance.

Q. What if we are delayed?
A. When you receive your confirmation of complete payment, detailed instructions are included on contacting the agent on arrival. They will be aware of your delay.

Q. What time do we check out?
A. Please check the terms and conditions for departure and arrival times.

Q. Can we have a late check out?
A. A late check out may be available if there are no new guests arriving the same day. Even then circumstances may change and an agreed late check out may have to be cancelled. Late checkout are free up to 12.00 (midday) but are charged at 1/2 the day rate should you want to checkout later than that.

Q. What do we do if we have a late flight home?
A. There are local hotels which offer day rooms so that you can store your bags, use wifi, have meals and access to a shower. The agent can advise on arrival.

Q. Will the agent meet us at the villa?
A. That depends on the time of your arrival. There is a key box at the villa and you will receive the combination before you arrive.

Q. Do I need to bring mains adaptors?
A. No, the voltage supply and sockets in the villa are the same as the UK.

Q. Can I bring my own DVDs or Bluray disks?
A. Yes, there is a selection for you to borrow in the villa, but please feel free to bring your own DVDs and Bluray disks.

Q. Do we have to shower before using the pool?
A. This is defiantly a YES. For hygienic reasons obviously but another reason is that the sun tan build up can seriously reduce your swimming enjoyment. Firstly an unsightly layer will appear around the pool edge and in extreme cases the chemicals will be unable to function making the pool unusable for days. In such cases we have had to charge clients to get the pool cleaned. In 2022 we had two instances were reluctantly the pool had to be shut for 48hrs as a direct result of sun cream build up.

Q. Do you have pool cleaners?
A. Yes, the pool is cleaned twice a week in the summer season by a certified pool cleaning company to ensure that all of the chemical levels conform to  safety requirements. Normally the cleaners arrive early morning but there is a chance of a small disruption to guests. Please bear with them as they should only take 10-15 minutes.

Q. Do you have gardeners?
A. Yes, one of the most commented on aspects of Lemon Grove Villa is the lovely maintained gardens. The gardeners will try to visit when the villa is empty but should they need access when guests are present then they will keep intrusion to a minimum.